Libby, we didn't give them this power...they took it.

They betrayed our trust. They exploited us. These traitors have destroyed the psyche of this country, it will never be the same.

They stole freedom, and set Australians against each other with this phony manufactured crisis.

Take for example National Cabinet - Scott Morrison and the Premiers and Chief Ministers set the ball rolling on mandatory vaccination, they broke the principle of voluntary informed consent for Covid vaccination, with the collaboration of Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly and the AHPPC.

On 4 June 2021 the AHPPC specifically announced the "AHPPC does not recommend compulsory COVID-19 vaccination requirements for aged care workers".

Also on the same day, 4 June 2021, an ABC headline announced: "Scott Morrison to use National Cabinet to lobby state governments to go against health advice on COVID vaccination".

The ABC reported: "The Prime Minister will lobby state and territory leaders to overrule medical experts' advice and force aged care workers to get the coronavirus vaccine... The panel of health experts, chaired by the Chief Medical Officer, has advised for a second time against making the coronavirus vaccine compulsory."

The workers' union did not support compulsion, with the ABC reporting: "A union representing Victoria's aged care workforce, the Health Workers Union (HWU), has argued against the decision of the Prime Minister... Union state secretary Diana Asmar said the HWU had strongly encouraged workers to get the jab but did not believe it should be compulsory." Ms Asmar said: "We live in a free country and not Communist China."

It's stunning that it was publicly announced that Scott Morrison, a politician, was going to lobby his state and territory counterparts in National Cabinet to overrule the medical experts' advice.

As reported by the national broadcaster, the ABC, the political plan was to 'force' aged care workers to have the coronavirus vaccine, thereby denying this group of Australians the freedom to consent to or refuse medical interventions depending upon their own personal health circumstances and preferences, and threatening them with the loss of livelihood for refusing to comply with vaccination mandates.

Subsequently, on 28 June 2021, it was announced "The National Cabinet agreed that COVID-19 vaccinations are to be mandated for residential aged care workers as a condition of working in an aged care facility through shared state, territory and Commonwealth authorities and compliance measures."

So after pressure from Scott Morrison and National Cabinet, Paul Kelly and the AHPPC reneged on their earlier advice against making the coronavirus vaccine compulsory for aged care workers, and rubber-stamped a political decision after the event, as announced in the AHPPC statement, a day later on 29 June 2021: "AHPPC recommends to National Cabinet that the residential aged care workforce be vaccinated against COVID-19, as a condition of working in a residential aged care facility..."

The Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation called it out at the time, being "concerned that mandating vaccinations for the aged care workforce could be a 'political decision, not a health decision’…”

Paul Kelly subsequently boasted "Australia was one of the first countries internationally to mandate COVID-19 vaccination", in his co-authored article published in the Medical Journal of Australia in November 2022 - Implementing mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for Australian aged care workers.

In other words, Australia was one of the first countries in the world to deny voluntary informed consent for the Covid vaccinations, facilitated by medical practitioner Paul Kelly and his medical colleagues on the AHPPC.

Australians were press-ganged into participating in a massive global scientific experiment, with then Health Minister Greg Hunt admitting in February 2021: "The world is engaged in the largest clinical trial, the largest global vaccination trial ever..."

But this was an experiment without voluntary informed consent, which is a violation of medical ethics and international human rights conventions such as the Helsinki Declaration.

Paul Kelly and the AHPPC should not have recommended mandatory Covid injections for any group in Australia, and the medical profession should not have collaborated with mandated medical interventions.

The denial of voluntary informed consent for residential aged care workers set a precedent for depriving others of voluntary informed consent for Covid-19 vaccination, including subsequent workforce mandates recommended by Paul Kelly and the AHPPC, i.e. mandatory vaccination of all workers in health care settings; mandating vaccination for disability support workers; and mandatory vaccination of aged care in-home and community aged care workers.

For references supporting commentary above, please see my notification to AHPRA about CMO Paul Kelly, 16 June 2023: https://vaccinationispolitical.files.wordpress.com/2023/06/notification-to-ahpra-re-medical-practitioner-paul-kelly.pdf

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In regard to 'bad guys', we need to closely examine the net...

And former Health Minister Greg Hunt is a very big fish.

Hunt was basically calling the shots during the bulk of the Covid scam, along with Paul Kelly the Chief Medical Officer, and the Governor General...and Scott Morrison and National Cabinet.

I wrote to Greg Hunt on 23 July 2021 asking "what is the definition of 'the emergency' you are using to justify the Governor General's declaration of a human biosecurity emergency under the Biosecurity Act 2015?"

I did not receive a response.

I also asked: "What is the "specialist medical and epidemiological advice provided by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) and the Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer"? Has this been objectively and independently assessed? Please provide me with the AHPPC and Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer's advice, and the empirical evidence supporting this advice."

No response.

I also asked: Who are the members of the AHPPC? The AHPPC webpage states: "AHPPC is comprised of all state and territory Chief Health Officers and is chaired by the Australian Chief Medical Officer."[4] This is surprisingly scant information for a group of unelected people who are wielding enormous influence over the free movement and association of Australians during this extensive 'emergency' period, and who are also pressing covid-19 vaccine products upon the Australian population."

No response.

It's also very interesting to note that before entering the Australian Parliament in 2001, Greg Hunt was the Director of Global Strategy of the World Economic Forum 2000-2001 - responsible for the development of global strategy for the WEF, working directly to the CEO, and during 1999-2001 he was Engagement Manager - McKinsey & Co, providing specialist advice in telecommunication, start-ups, government reform and the banking sector.

So just as Klaus Schwab has boasted...zee cabinets were penetrated...after which we ended up with a fake pandemic to install totalitarianism.

So much to look back on now...

Also see my substack article: “THEY FAKED A PANDEMIC TO INSTALL TOTALITARIANISM.” https://elizabethhart.substack.com/p/they-faked-a-pandemic-to-install

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Everybody always had the individual option to stay home under the bed, wear a face rag, and jab themselves with whatever slop they wanted... the mandates were fascism for the sake of the most gullible and gutless in society. I don’t despise (most) individual Australians, but I do despise the collective. The brave, selfless and principled lost their jobs, the gullible and the gutless kept their jobs. Police, health workers, teachers: only the gullible and gutless remain.

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The creation of the UN and WHO by the Eugenicist crime families such as the Rockefellers who were behind the Nazi eugenics and throughout WWII sold the Nazis with essential fuel additive to enable there war machine, should be more than enough to inform any rational society that these creatures are a threat that should have been entirely eliminated more than half a century ago.

Instead the genocidal Khazarian Mafia who claim their families to go right back to the tyrant Nimrod, have used their murderous criminality to defrauded humanity of its birthright and now control the powerful Western Block and own our systems of governance lock, stock and Barrel.

No rational look at the entirely corrupt Howard government would fail to show that they were the terrorists that murdered 35 people at Port Arthur and disarmed not only the people of their fire arms, but also the regulators that stood by and did nothing about the extreme corruption that continues to this day.

The murder last year of three somewhat reckless people in Far North Queensland by police was a blatant warning that "resistance is futile, you will comply or die".The evidence however, that compliance will bring a far more excruciating and soul destroying death, should not be lost on any wakeful individuals. In particular the gunning down of the young woman in her kitchen can be seen as an intentionally tyrannical sociopathic message that resistance will bring death not only to you but your loved ones, or indeed as the tyranny takes on momentum, whole communities will be ruthlessly targeted by the psychopathic regimes installed by the Billionaire Parasite Caste.

Back in the mid 70s as a young man I joined the the military and studied marshal arts. It was soon apparent that the military is for the most part incompetent and learning anything useful in the armed forces, would mean being thrust into the company of the typical low life mercenary types I have always detested. I still do believe that learning marshal arts is an important skill/mind set to defend yourself and more importantly the values of a safe and wholesome society.

It would send a useful message if thousands of people with good intention join gun clubs and marshal arts clubs, practicing these skills burn them into your mind and nervous system. Literally those slow motion scenes from "Kung Fu" movies, is how, in a fight, people appear to move to those who train their nervous system ti react automatically to real life stimulus.

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"Like the Public Health Act 2016 in Western Australia which legalises forced vaccination. "

Exactly where does it say that inside the legislation?

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